Robotics Training

Robotics for Schools

It is a joint effort between Electronics Limited and champion thinking schools. The idea is to engage kids from very early age into STEAM "powered", imagination broadening, extraordinarily creative, and thought provoking-mind expanding activities. We just could not think of a better vehicle than the glorious field of Robotics where all of those cross path and resonates in perfect harmony.

Other areas of great interests extends to and not limited to automated hydroponics, weather monitoring, animatronics, CNC parts designing, CNC laser engraving, 3D printing and other futuristic ways of making things of the, well, future of course!

Rest assured, if cost is crossing your mind just now, because at Electronics Limited, one of our major goals also is to demonetize and democratize these amazing technologies, which means making things so affordable and within reach that no one is left out! Yes we are talking about $20-$30 robots and almost free if your school is like Burnside Primary who has decided to include this into their curriculum and made this program available to all applicable students at no extra costs!

Sounds interesting? Want to implement this at you school too? Why not give Prem or Shilpa a call to 021 0255 2444 or 021 187 3001. You can also contact us by email by clicking here. Also keep an eye on this page and our blog to find out what we and the kids are up to! :D

Why Learn Robotics ?

Well we should rather be asking "why not?" Apart from being fun, creative, exciting, and cool, it is also a very rich field of study which very easily translates into a lot of useful work! Studying and practicing robotics alone will cover multiple major engineering disciplines including computer engineering, programming, mechanical engineering, mathematics as well as physics and electronics.

Designing a cool looking robot also calls for great artistic spirits! Nothing is more fun and engaging when you get to master all these great skills by "doing" them hands on! Our robotics classes offer just that! Besides, they ("robots") are already almost everywhere around us! Yes, in the military, rescue teams, disaster recovery, factories, streets, laboratories, agriculture and farming, and even in the houses we live! Don't believe me? Watch this video and you will see what I mean. :D

Some of our educational Robots:

She can talk! She can "see" the front, sides and the back by her two pairs of ultrasonic eyes, can move neck from side to side to check which side is clear, make decisions based on obstacles' proximity and drive in all directions! She also has a laser pointer which indicates her personal space, within which if you adre to come, she would sense, speak and run away! Not impressed? Well she can be taught (programmed) to do far more exciting things. Its all limited by your imagination really.


"ELBO" stands for Electronics Limited's Robot (BOT). If you look closely in the video, you will notice that ELBO is a bit different than the similar car robots of its type. Yes, it is made of mostly scavenged broken toys for it's parts. For instance it's main body is derived from joining two halves of toy Remote Controlled cars. It's mouth (speaker) is also from an old piano toy. Most of the electronics is also salvaged from various other projects as well as the battery compartment!

So yeah, "she" is a bit of lady Frankenstein in that sense! And that was exactly the motto! To lease new life into old broken things - a) keep the costs real down and own your robot, b) learn to recycle and save the planet, c) learn the basic foundational skills.

Click here to see it all in action!


You guessed correctly! She does look (well sort of :D), walk and behave like an insect! Just a robot one in her case! She has infrared eyes, movable neck, and four wire legs! Not a lot, but just enough for her bug's brain (a tiny arduino of course) to sense the environment, process, and act by moving away from imminent danger or obstacles on her path! Again, she can be programmed to do lots of other things really. Watch the short video to see for yourself!

Also Click here to see it all in action!

App controlled Light-up costume

Watch this costume in action below