iHydro Micro Combo

EC+ph Controller

Hydroponics EC+ph controller

a) Fully automatic, EC+pH Controller for hydroponics systems, including pumps, sensor probes, power supply unit, Proudly Designed and Made in New Zealand! Local English Support!

b) Easy to use Vibrant Color Touchscreen for control and display.

c) 3 General purpose inputs and 3 General purpose dry contact outputs.

d) Separate 24v dosing pump box.

e) Built in alert for all critical parameters, such as EC/pH Level, Nutrient Temperature etc.

f) Built in adaptive learning algorithm which intelligently detect probe issues, EC/pH Down Acid solution supply issues, leakage etc. to prevent critical system failure.

g) Temperature probe included for Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for EC and pH measurements.

h) Nutrient temperature controller built in heater control output for additional $25

i) Market leading 2 years comprehensive warranty for manufacturing defects, except for sensor probes, which has 1 year service life as per industry standard.

j) Easily replaceable, reasonably priced sensor probes.

Package contains:

iHydro Micro Controller Unit x 1

Dosing Pumps Unit x 1 set (3 pumps)

pH, cF, Temperature probes x 1 of each

24v Power adapters x 1

Standard 3+ meter long sensor cables x 1 of each

User manual - ihydro micro combo v1.0

iHydro Micro v1.0 User Manual_r1.0.pdf