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Excel Template Design & Automation Consultancy

We can help your work by designing Excel templates as per your individual requirements. This can be anything simple like invoice, quotation templates with automatically calculated data fields linking across other files etc., as well as complex dashboards with trends, auto generated claim requests that emails out to the customer by itself etc.

Excel Usage Specific Training Courses & VBA

Sometimes its just better to teach the man how to fish! That's exactly the philosophy behind our Usage Specific Training courses. Why from us? Well we are very good at what we do and we do not teach you useless academic stuff that you may never use. We assess your requirements from your application scenario and deliver only what you need. Power of specialization to better utilize your time more productively!


Relay Controlled Mains Box

Version 1.0. Click below for more info

iHydro - Smart Versatile Hydroponics Greenhouse Controller

Hydro' what! Hydroponics is the way to go for growing your own veggies and fruits! Go google if not convinced! Problem we saw is the detailed maintenance schedule that bring the technicality as added burden into the picture and raises the bar! This calls for better suitors like a computer assistant and not just forgetful humans! :D Well that's exactly what we did building this product! Oh do I have to say that it is extremely well priced with features like none you have seen before in this segment!