How much do we charge?

Excel Template Design and Automation Services

Minimum work size? 15 minutes! No overheads added!

  • Template Designs & Programming - NZD $79 per hour plus GST
  • Automatic Report Generation - NZD $75 per hour plus GST
  • Task Automation System - NZD $75 per hour plus GST
  • System Integration - NZD $89 per hour plus GST

Excel Training Services

Starts from as little as NZD $225 delivered right at your work desk in person! Comes with it TWO YEARS of free support services (phone & email) at NO ADDITIONAL COSTS!

For more details on training fees, please click here.

Absolute Quality Promise!

We are so confident in what we do that we proudly offer 100% no hassle money back in case you are not convinced about paying us! Of course there are some Terms and Conditions to protect a small business like us from abuse. But hey, we trust our customers and offer this in good faith. Try us today.