MS Excel

Old Good Microsoft Excel

Excel can be used as a simple calculator or a tool to control your home from your computer!! Yes there I said it!

Finding it hard to believe? Well read on then

In spite of being possibly the most widely used common software package in the computer world Excel is also probably the least known and underutilized tool you ever had. This is why it is quite difficult even to grasp the vastness of the array of areas that it can be used so efficiently. It should be safe to say that no matter what you do, It is highly likely that knowledge of excel would allow you to increase your efficiency and productivity by many folds! And even then there are problems to which Excel like tool may be the only answer! Not convinced yet? Well, just Google for yourself 'what excel can be used for’.

We all like the look of old pal Excel especially whenever there is something to do with a few calculations or a handful of numbers to crunch. But hey, did you know that Microsoft excel is not only just excellent in number crunching but also a great tool for logical operations and decision making! There are simple to use tools in excel that can perform some very complex operations! There are tools in Excel that actually uses Artificial Intelligence (Yes, you heard it right!) that you can quite easily use to solve very complex dynamic problems. You might be thinking do I ever need to tackle issues that complex! Well chances are you are already doing. Things like creating work rosters, finding best pricing for a particular product for optimized values of so many variables, analyzing stock market trends could be just a few to name!

Who should take the Course

Ideal Trainees

Students, Teachers, Professionals, Educators, Inventors, Researchers, Writers, Mathematicians, Data Analyst, Accountants, Entrepreneurs, Programmers (Yes, we mean it), Engineers, Doctors, Managers, Team Leaders, Hobbyists, Technology enthusiasts, Farmers, Business Owners, Sales and marketing guys…yes you got the point. Anyone and everyone.

Generally speaking, anyone who has got anything to do with gathering & interpreting any kind of information (which we all do knowingly or not) to make sense of the core meaning for whatever purposes can benefit hugely by taking this practical usage oriented Excel courses.

“Good teacher explains. Great teacher Inspires. Skill up. Achieve more. Live inspired”


For the Basic course we offer, a little bit of Excel working knowledge would be advantageous. Things like how to create a excel file and save, rename etc. How to add some numbers in excel, create a table of data, formatting, etc. Said that, if you know absolutely nothing, well don’t worry; we will help you to get up to speed in no time. Just bring eagerness and curiosity with a bit of ambition!

For the Intermediate level course, basic knowledge (things from above), how to use charts, calculating sub totals, if-else formulas would be handy to have in your arsenal. However, just basic knowledge would suffice too as we are great instructors! :D

For the advanced or pro level course, basic concepts of macros, complex nested formulas, range definitions, basic concepts of programming would be very handy. However as always, basic-intermediate level knowledge should just get you there.

Our Recommendation

For most people who uses Excel for day to day random ‘go to’ tool, Basic can be skipped and Intermediate level followed by Advanced level a week later is the best recommended combination.

Learning Outcomes

Along with a many great outcomes of any learning experience, you will be able to do at least the following things, as new skills or the same thing, more efficiently than ever before (assuming the candidate has taken all three or at least two courses)

  • Automatically calculate formulas and make decisions
  • Link consolidate and easily prepare reports and presentations
  • Clean noisy data tables and create meaningful interpretations easy to understand
  • Prepare custom made data forms for simple/complex data entry tasks
  • Handle large amount of co-related data tables across multiple worksheets even across multiple files!
  • Create great charts and define ranges
  • Extend excel beyond its standard functionalities

…and many more. Possibilities are boundless. Really.