If you are in greater Christchurch area

We would come to your work place, sit with you and your team mates, identify your challenges, and train you on the spot about them! Yes, specifically to your particular situation, particular problem, all in person, for FREE, up to 2 hours, as long as it can be solved by Microsoft Excel! Luckily, there is not many that Excel can't do! Quite a statement aye! Try it out! Absolutely no obligations and no strings attached!

If you are not in greater Christchurch area

No worries, we can still reach you via web. Yes, in person, video conferencing for computer related training are extremely effective and convenient. Just let us know, and we can arrange it all for you, for absolutely FREE!

How and why do we do this?

Well, we simply believe that after trying our training, you would not hesitate to pay for further paid training sessions with us. It reflects our confident in what we do. The courses are so affordable and can provide incredible value to your business.

Who is this for?

Anyone, individual, private, business, government, anyone willing to learn.

How to get this FREE course?

Simple, click here and select for "book my free crash course" option in the contact form and submit. Hey, rest assured, there is no 'strings' attached! We mean it. Just an honest "try before you buy, if you buy" campaign from your local business mate.