relay controlled mains box

Turning AC powered devices ON/OFF from Arduino or Raspberry Pi or any controller can be done quite easily using relays.

The problem is that the circuit and connections can get a bit complicated, and handling mains power makes it even more risky, especially when things go wrong! Even for the experts, it can be quite time consuming if nothing else!

Our simple device makes your life easier by putting it all inside a robust box neatly. All you have do it is trigger the inputs with zero volt (logic low/gnd) and connect mains power plug, and the devices you want to control to the output power sockets, and you are done.

Want even quicker/easier, use the "Quick Connect" socket to make your own cable (pinout is on the label) and each time you want to disconnect your controller, just unplug the "Quick Connect" cable instead of fiddling with screwdrivers to do/undo all connections every single time. Simple right! We believe you will enjoy this device with your electronics projects, be that your greenhouse control, home automation or anything else for that matter.

This fuse protected and robust device is made with very high quality materials, right in New Zealand, all the way through and comes with full warranty for peace of mind. We use this for our Hydroponics controlled greenhouse systems. Let us know what your project is! Enjoy!

Here is a demo video :

This wonderful product helps you to quickly connect AC mains loads like Lights, Fans, Vents etc. to your Arduino or Raspberry Pi logic outputs (or any microcontroller, PLC or Logic controller unit) without the hassle of mains electrical wiring.

Generally to do the connection, you have to cut the power cord and do the connection with relays and so on, and also there are chances to blow up the circuit in case of wrong connection.

It can be quite a headache. Besides, the device with the cut power cord loses its warranty and usability in case it malfunctions or you just changed mind.

With this clever device, you only have to plug in your Fan/Light/Cooler/Heater or whatever to this RCM box’s output plugs and connect their corresponding logic inputs to your controller’s corresponding logic outputs. And that’s it! Plug the mains AC input cable in (included) and Switch the device ON and your controller is successfully controlling the AC loads! Voila!

As you can see from the pictures, every output has two separate sockets to control two devices together for every outputs. They also have manual override (ON/OFF) power switches. There is single quick ON/OFF switch to isolate all outputs at once.

There is also a Quick Connect DIN Port, which can be used for quick connect/disconnect to your logic controller, if you make your own cable. Or this port is used to quick connect with our ‘iHydro’ controller. Contact us for more info.

Product Specs:

Dimension: 250 X 190 X 80mm

Weight: Under 1kg

Color: Grey

1.8m long 3pin mains plug to female cable provided.

Absolute total maximum load: 10A @250VAC

Terminal block connector (to connect with logic controller) with Philips type screw head and protection cover.

Different model available for 5v, 12v and 24v logic inputs.

** Return to base warranty of 6 months provided.**