About Us

We are a team driven by a bunch of hand-picked, highly motivated, passionate, and skilled engineers (Instrumentation and Automation) and just love Microsoft Excel as it takes task (read boring :D ) automation to a whole new level. Wait, that's not all! We also love to develop new electronics products to address life's everyday challenges, thanks to Arduino for being the pioneer! We live and work in Christchurch, New Zealand. We all have decent amount of engineering experience and completely agree on one thing for sure – no matter what the task is in hand, automation always comes in handy! All our training course come with extensive 1 years of personalized support to your related * technical issues or questions for ABSOLUTELY FREE !

Why we do what we do

We absolutely love what we do. And we should. Because automation makes life easier, saves more time for the other important stuffs in life, which is great! Our core services and products are all based around automating things, processes or work flows. Problem is sometimes it can make things too complicated! Tools like Microsoft Excel fits perfectly in this situation as it is not only popular but also versatile making it the perfect solution for most cases!

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Math is fun! Or is it! ;(