Course Registration - Young Engineers

Total Cost - $290  (NZD)

($240  for 8 sessions + $50  for parts supplies)

Includes GST and bank fees


School term Tuesdays, Starting on 18th of July, 2023, 3.40 pm - 5.10 pm 


2/2 Birmingham drive, Middleton, Christchurch 8024,

ElecSys Lab HQ

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Total Cost to pay: $290 NZD 

Includes GST and bank fees. 

Course Description

Make your own Self-driven Robot car from your old RC toy car

You need to bring your old toys (don’t worry, we will guide you) for the robot’s base

Unlike other similar events, where you just actually assemble kits, these classes has MUCH MORE to offer! You get to learn the fundamental engineering basics and working principles to know enough about how it all works under the hood too! You will have enough knowledge and skills to turn old junks into creative programmable real robots!

Overall, you would develop some great skills in these very interesting and exciting areas of science and engineering.

Electronics Engineering basics, 

Soldering, wiring, testing with tools

Micro-computer Programming, 

Technical Troubleshooting, 

Design skills and structural thinking, team project work, and much more ...

What happens in this course? 

Skills Learned: Electronics, Coding, Structural thinking

First half of the term (3 to 5 sessions)

Kids learn to design, build and program a self-driven autonomous robot car as a small team from scratch starting with an ordinary remote controlled toy car! It will be equipped with different sensors to make sense of its surroundings so that it can make decisions and can respond to various situations using its computer brain.

Second half of the term (3 to 5 sessions)

Equipped with the skills and knowledge from the first half, each student will then make their own robot-car and program its behaviour to exhibit new abilities. In the end everyone showcases their achievement and takes their robot home. This car robot then can be programmed to lot more cool things too.