Event Registration - Engineering Intro (ECM)

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Event Timing:

Friday, December 16th, 2022, 12.30 pm - 4.40 pm

Event Address:

2/2 Birmingham drive, Middleton, Christchurch 8024,

ElecSys Lab HQ

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Total Cost to pay: $75 NZD

Includes GST and bank fees.

Course Description

Electronics-Computing-Mechatronics (ECM) Intro Workshop/bootcamp

In this 4+ hour long intense one-off workshop/bootcamp, students (12 - 16 yo) get to get a glimpse into a modern engineer's life via exploring these very interesting futuristic fields of engineering and technology through various hands-on activities performed using a range of simple to advanced tools and components.

Topics covered include fundamentals such as electricity, voltage, current, battery, motors, solar panels, LEDs, relays, microcomputers, microcontrollers, basics of digital electronics, multimeters, soldering irons/pots, digital storage oscilloscopes etc. Advanced concepts such as robotics fundamentals, forward and inverse kinematics, sensors, actuators and embedded controller programming/coding for physical computing are touched upon as well to give a taste of them. To wrap it all up, modern research and development rapid protyping tools such as CNC machining, Laser cutting, 3D printing, Vacu-forming etc will be glanced at too.

The motto is precisely to engage and stimulate those young brain cells with the awe-inspiring carishma of modern engineering while expanding their technological horizon well enough to empower wise future career choices fuelled by true love and passion towards mastering the unparalleled prowess and promises these disciplines have to offer. Think of this bootcamp as a 'test before you buy' smorgasbord sampler!