Contract Development

Template Design & Automation Consultancy

We can help your work by designing Excel templates as per your individual requirements. This can be anything simple like invoice, quotation templates with automatically calculated data fields linking across other files etc., as well as complex dashboards with trends, auto generated claim requests that emails out to the customer by itself etc.


Template Designs

We design and develop basic to complex Excel templates, to save your time, maintain consistency and reduce/omit human errors. This can include Pricing/Costing Sheets, Quotations, Invoicing, Inventory, Product/Services management, Accounting templates and anything that follows a set pattern/formula. We have nice real life examples if you want to see.

Automatic Report Generation

You have the data. Single file or spanning across multiple documents. Simple query or very complex. We can automate it and bring it to a click of a button for you. Generate pdfs, Word, attach to email; all automatic, error free and hugely TIME SAVING!

Task Automation System

Any work that repeats in theory can be automated. Nothing is truer than that for works performed using a general purpose digital device like a computer. We assess (for free) your work, find patterns, and design automated systems. Result is huge savings in time, rapid changeability for your interim processes,NO HUMAN ERRORS, and happy users = Higher efficiency and productivity for your business. It can be as simple as Excel formulas, VBA macros or full blown desktop app/service if required.

However, given the increasing trend of industry wide standardization, and ‘open source-ness’, almost any software package can be used for any purposes! As always, we have nice examples to show. So just ask us!

System Integration

We can connect virtually anything to Excel, thanks to Microsoft Excel's flexibility. What’s the use of new technology and automation if they can’t smartly communicate with each other or to your existing systems? What’s the point to lookup data from a software to perform something else in another app? Would not it be much better if they could just communicate and pass information back and forth? Yes, yes and yes. May be you have a CRM system that needs to talk to a pricing template in Excel. Perhaps you do lots of web searches for all sorts of things and the results end up in spreadsheets. Perhaps your contractors out in the field need to fill in daily work records that would eventually end up in spreadsheets. Expired quotes or invoices and payment claims need to be emailed/texted out as well as other scheduled events and alerts.

Almost always all of those can be integrated. Result is harmony, efficiency, consistency, productivity, smoother work flow. Yes we do have examples to show. Please just ask us.

  • Template Designs & Programming - NZD $79 per hour plus GST

  • Automatic Report Generation - NZD $75 per hour plus GST

  • Task Automation System - NZD $75 per hour plus GST Minimum work size? 15 minutes! No overheads added!

  • System Integration - NZD $89 per hour plus GST

Soft solutions - Software Oriented

Open Source Software Solutions

Why open source? Because these are almost always FREE of any licence or subscription fees, very open and transparent in nature and readily available without spending a dime! These are everywhere these days. Free, elegant, powerful and well supported by highly motivated communities. To name a few-Google Apps, LibraOffice, OpenOffice, Rapid Scada, Mango, SuiteCRM, DesignSpark, SketchUp, MultiSim, OpenCV, AppInventor, Arduino, Processing, Linux, Virtual Box, InkScape, WordPress, LinuxCNC, NumPy, GnuCash, Asterix, EstlCam... you got the idea! There is almost always one for every purpose, being that commercial or personal, and a great one too of course! We actively promote these tools to people by raising awareness, providing training courses, and developing applications using these tools to keep our costs low. These further benefits you by saving your money while not compromising on quality for that matter!

SCADA Systems

Last but not the least, our open source SCADA systems! We design, install, deploy, commission, document, and maintain very low cost and very powerful SCADA system such as Rapid SCADA. This works great with our low cost yet robust PLC solutions as depicted below.

Hard Solutions - Physical device Oriented

Embedded Electronic Designs

To address effective and reasonably practical solutions to meet your challenges, we offer embedded electronic designs using various micro-controller and SoC platforms. Can range from 8 bit AVR, TI, to 32 bit ARM Processors as well as FPGA as per need. Latest additions to our range are WiFi enabled ESP8266, ESP32, CC32xx, Nucleo to name a few to tackle most of your IoT development demands!

Firmware Programming

This is where our programming and algorithm development skills come in. C/C++/Java/Assembly/Arduino/Python pretty much covers it well. Very high quality, extremely well documented, reader friendly coding is our specialty. We also cover your Internet of Things (IoT) product ideas extending all the way to cutting edge platforms like Microsoft Azure and Google APIs to begin with. We readily support programming and easy integration via use of industry standard protocols like Modbus, Modbus TCP/IP, MQTT, HTTP Get/Post, Bluetooth Serial, AT commands etc. for wide connectivity.

Rapid Prototyping - PoC

The world famous Arduino AVR, Wemos, Arduino ARM/Linux prove quite very effective, handy, robust and flexible to meet your rapid prototyping needs where you might be just looking to get a product/solution designed to demo to potential investors or end users as a 'Proof of Concept' without investing much money or time without compromising on features! Just call/email us for free consultation.

'Show Ready' Prototype Enclosure Design & Making

Yes again. 1 piece or 100! No problem! 100% In-house, quick and very cost effective. Thanks to our 3D printing, CNC milling, CNC engraving, and Vinyl/label cutting stations! Though we offer the most affordable market rate, to be honest, the most expensive part is the CAD design if we have to do this for you, as it can be quite time consuming. This can be saved if you are happy to spend your own time to design your own (we can offer free tips and tutorials!) and acquire a cool skill! Leave the making part to us. We can readily produce 100% 'exhibition ready' professionally made enclosures of right quality and looks without breaking the bank!

Prototype-PCB Design & Making

Yes, we can make them too in house! And we can do it for 1 or 5 or 500 pieces for very reasonable costs! Yes, heard it right! Not sending it off shore! Thanks to our own CNC milling station. Of course it wont be a production standard model as plated through holes can not be done economically by this method, but, it should be enough to quickly put your construction together for a very eye pleasing result. This saves huge wiring time and does not end up looking like a wiring mess! This is also a great help for hands on pre-production verification to stop mistakes (99% likely!) before they can get mass produced, blowing manufacturing wastage costs out of proportion!

PLC & HMI Programming

Yes! We do provide contracted PLC programming, testing, debugging, troubleshooting services on popular brands such as Schneider, Yokogawa, MOXA, Magelis touchscreen, as well as extremely affordable PLCs such as Comfile, DoMore etc. These can easily integrate with our open source SCADA systems (mentioned above) such as Rapid SCADA, Mango etc. Together these can give you a very robust and very low cost solution for most of your advanced automation needs!

Functional Testing

As we already do for our own products, we can also deliver functional testing services for your product/solution testing ideas before they go out for the moment of truth! This can be as simple as couple of hours of simple 'end user' testing as well as can be software simulation/modelling, hardware emulation or Virtual machine based testings. Just talk to us for options.

Specification Scoping

This particular service becomes very helpful to extract design Specification to figure out implementation techniques from your initial product ideas to give it a definitive scope of work model before the actual work starts. This helps a lot in terms of both present & future paths of your development regime from technical and economical aspects of designs.

Retrofit or Integration

This is where you already have a product or solution which needs to be expanded/extended to accommodate new needs while still keeping the existing platform that you are familiar with. Consulted at earliest stage, we can deliver the right technology to integrate/replace almost any products or systems you may have, only exception being some very old legacy systems or proprietary systems using non standard protocols or conventions.

Above is a brief of what to expect from us. We promote Open Source tools and products.

We solely believe in simplicity and great user experience.

Some examples of our soft solutions: