iHydro Regular
iHydro Regular

Smart Versatile Hydroponics Greenhouse Controller

Hydro' what! Hydroponics is the way to go for growing your own veggies and fruits! Click here to know more about Hydroponics!

Problem we saw is the detailed maintenance schedule that bring the technicality as added burden into the picture and raises the bar! This calls for better suitors like a computer assistant and not just forgetful humans! :D Well that's exactly what we did building this product!

Oh do I have to say that it is extremely well priced with features like none you have seen before in this segment!

Hydroponics gives you the ability to meticulously control the variables that effect how well your plants grow. It not only grows a lot of veges year round, but also does that using very little water (up to 95% less!) and space! A fine tuned hydroponic controller can easily surpass a soil based system in plant quality and amount of produce yielded. Eco-friendly. Sustainable. Efficient. What are you waiting for!

Key Features of our controller

  • Vibrant Weatherproof Industrial grade 7” or 10.2" Touchscreen based control system.

  • IoT enabled design means full password protected Web connectivity. Remote monitoring and control from smart phone, tab, laptop from anywhere in the world via internet connectivity, using just an web browser.

  • Fully Automatic cF/EC/TDS (Nutrient Strength) Dosing Control with pump dry run protection.

  • Fully Automatic pH Control with pump dry run protection.

  • Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) monitoring and air pump control.

  • Fully Automatic Nutrient Temperature control.

  • Climate monitoring and control (includes temperature, relative humidity, light level, and CO2 level)

  • Industrial grade Automatic Temperature Compensation for cF & pH control algorithms.

  • Fully electrically isolated industrial grade sensors for online continuous monitoring.

  • Level monitoring and alerts for A & B & pH down solutions.

  • Vegetables & fruits menu to select optimum nutrient levels for your crops.

  • User Settable Minimum and maximum Alarm values for all parameters.

  • Plenty of onboard memory to store years worth of log data. USB port for transferring all data to USB drive which can then be analyzed using Excel or any Spreadsheet software.

  • No cloud or internet connections necessary (unless you want remote connectivity from outside world).

  • Full data, alarms, and event logs for all parameters & controls. Logs viewable from touchscreen.

  • Voice alerts for all critical system parameters.

  • Industry leading Two (2) Years manufacturing defect warranty on entire system except for pH & cF sensors, which are warranted for 1 year.

  • Easily expandable to a second set of system with the same touchscreen controller for an additional fraction of the total costs.

  • Open source IP based connectivity interface means you can do your custom integration with any industry standard systems.

  • Easily expandable to a second set of system with the same touchscreen controller for an additional fraction of the total costs.

  • All sensors and pump connections are electrically monitored and event logged! No more system failures because of loose connections or accidentally unplugged cables!

  • 100% developed and assembled in New Zealand with local and imported parts. 100% English technical support, and documentation is available over phone and internet by local engineering team who are also the creator of this product!

Package includes:

iHydro Regular Field Controller Box

iHydro Touch screen based HMI

iHydro Regular Dosing Pump Box

iHydro Regular Climate Sensing Module

EC sensor, pH sensor, ORP sensor, Nutrient Tank Temperature sensor, Greenhouse Temperature & Humidity sensor

Level sensors for pH, EC, Tank High, Tank Low

Pump cable, HMI cable, Climate cable

24vDC separate power supply for Controller + HMI

Different models available - iHydro, iHydro mighty, iHydro mini and optional add-on greenhouse climate control module available -- inquire us to know more.

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