iHydro Vento 1.1

Dual vent controller

  • Fully automatic, Touchscreen Greenhouse Vent Controller, including sensor probe, and power supply unit. Proudly designed and made in New Zealand! Local English Support!

  • Constantly monitors Greenhouse Temperature and Relative Humidity and opens/closes vents to maintain target setpoints, while accounting for external adverse weather conditions such as high wind, rain etc. (only when these sensors are installed and connected to Vento) to ensure safe and secure operation.

  • Comes with external industrial grade digital Temperature and Humidity sensor probe with extra long cable, for flexible and effective mounting options.

  • Dual Vent control (Windward+Leeward) with separate and fully independent outputs with own separate wind+rain sensor integration inputs options.

  • Single Master Override input to shut all vents immediately.

  • Vibrant Full-color Interactive Touch screen for display and controls.

  • Award winning super intuitive user friendly design, extremely easy to use even for people without smart phone or computer familiarity!

  • Separate 24v external power supply, easy to replace.

  • 24 Hours running trend graph for all vital parameters such as Temperature, Relative Humidity, Vent position, CPU performance etc.

  • Built in visual and audible alert for all critical parameters, such as Temperature, Humidity, External Sensor inputs, System voltage etc.

  • Built in adaptive learning algorithm which intelligently handles vents in all kinds of everyday weather conditions.

  • Regular Auto Homing feature for handling common Vent synchronization issues

  • Provision for adding another Temperature and Humidity Sensor (optional extra) for very large greenhouses for increased control accuracy.

  • Market leading 2 years comprehensive warranty for manufacturing defects, except for sensor probes, which has 1 year service life as per industry standard (expected life of 3 - 5 years if looked after properly).

  • Easily replaceable, reasonably priced sensor probes (in stock at all times).

quick start guide - vento 1.1

Vento v1.1 Quick Start Guide v1.0.pdf